White Trailer Inventory



Pavilions:  metal pavilion w/ red&white cover, silver tarp, plastic corners, knob ties

               plastic pavilion w/ brown cover


Signs:  Laminated cardboard:  Event schedule


                                                             Overflow camping only beyond this point

                                                             Private event


Plywood:  White w/ red arrow

                                    Donnershafen sandwich board w/ our heraldry on it


White board on wood stick:                  Handicapped only

                                                                       Royalty parking

                                                                       Reserved for Their Excellencies


                                                                       Heavy Weapons

                                                                       Lost Soul





Sandwich boards that say, “Chuck Seiting” on them 6


Games:  3 glass chess sets

         3 backgammon sets

         8 board games


Children’s activity box

Canvas rug/drop cloth for fencing

Dry erase board

Chiurgeon box

Vinyl swans w magnet backing


Zip ties

Zip ties in a tube

Wooden banner poles & Xmas tree-type base

Room dividers

Cauldron—large, iron

Toiletries for VCH

De-icing salt

1 heater from 12th night at the campground

Plastic kitchen-size trash bags

Toilet paper 20 rolls

Paper towel 12 rolls

Sheet walls’ support sticks

Duct tape 2 rolls

Hazard tape 1 roll

Packing tape 1 roll

Deck screws

Boaters’ rope

Green metal stakes 10

Silver wrought iron step-on stakes 4

Green metal step-on stake 1

Contractors’ garbage bags

Iron curly pole holders 4