Lord Wulfric of Donnershafen

Raymond N. 


Lady Tola in Harfargra    

Terry R. 

Deputy ~Lady Godelive Alewife

Gayla E. 


Baroness Meabh    

Liz G.


Lord Rafael Ortega de Leon 

Michael G. 

Deputy:  Lady Godelina Blaubloeme 

Gayla E.

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Beibhinn inion Suibhne 

Caitlin M.

Deputy ~ Randwulf Ossian       

Larry S. 

Minster of Arts & Sciences

Hannah F. 

Knights Marshal

Lord  Rigr  Hjorliefson         

Michael K.


Beibhinn inion Suibhne

Caitlin M.  

 Order of Precedence

Here you shall find the Order of Precedence, a listing of members of the Barony of Donnershafen and their awards received to date. If you see any discrepancies, please email the Herald. 

If you would like to write in a suggestion for Baronial awards, please contact Their Excellencies. Please include the person's legal and SCA names as well as the type of award and reasons why. 

For a kingdom award, please look here for a listing of the types of awards and here for the online submission form. (You will have to create a login name and password, but it's quick and easy.)

Exchequer Form

For submitting requests for reimbursements, please fill out this form. Acrobate Adobe is needed to pen this document. The forms will also be available at the business meetings. Please email the exchequer with any questions.