Raiding Party Competition

*Open only to authorized fighters
Fighters will be split into two teams, raiders and villagers. The animals (booty) will be scattered throughout the makeshift "village". The raiders will attack the village and try to steal and retain as much booty as they are able to, while the villagers will defend their village and animals. Whichever team ends up with the most "booty" at the end of the time limit wins the rough. Fighters wills witch teams, (Raiders become villagers, etc) and do it again. 
There will be a time limit for each raid.
Raiders will have to carry their booty to a corral area and will have to guard their captured animals while the villagers attempt to reclaim it.
Chickens 10 pt, Sheep 25 pts, Cows 100 pts.
*All rules of fighting apply
*Open only to authorized fighters

Baronial Championships

Baronial Championship Tournaments for heavy weapons, fencing, archery and rapier will be held on Saturday.
Current Baronial Champions need to set up and run tournaments.